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Energy MBA Concentration at Kenan-Flagler - Shared screen with speaker view
We have begun, please let us know if you cannot here us for any reason
*Hear. We will be taking questions from the audience after Laurel speaks. Please send your questions to the zoom group chat box.
Thank you for joining us Anthony!
Larissa Korach
Hello! I was just wondering if we will be able to access this presentation after the webinar. Thanks so much!
Hi Larissa, yes, we will be sending a recording of the webinar via email after we end tonight.
John Franceski
Very impreses with all discussed so far. Can you discuss what part of the sector and value stream the consulting firms are looking for expertise in?
Austin Fee
What success has the program had placing Energy MBAs into investment banking and which sectors are they usually recruited for (oil/gas, power/utilities, industrials, etc.)?
John Franceski
How many energy classes will we have an oportunity to take at UNC and how would you reccomend picking classes balancing overall energy sector knowledge vs sector specific expertise?
Austin Fee
With OIl/Gas companies starting to invest in renewables and clean energy tech (such as Chevron Technology Ventures investing in an Electric Vehicle Charging company), do these cross over investments (which seem to be growing) go though Houston or New York? Essentially, will Houston always be only o/g and locked out of renewables/clean tech/etc or will those investment banking offices diversify with the Oil and Gas companies they have historically served?
John Franceski
Question for Trey: Do most students in the energy club end up doing whay they came in thinking they would do or pivot? If they pivot, why? Has there been a larger shift to renewables?
Austin Fee
Thank you all very much!