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Veterans Association at UNC: Transition from Military to MBA - Shared screen with speaker view
Paul Rothfeld
Hey guys, Paul Rothfeld from DC here. Firts thanks for your time this evening this has been great. I don't have video at the moment - still at the office. Do you primarily have folks coming straight out of the military or people who got out and then spent some time in the civilian world?
Philip Kealy
Philip Kealy here, current active duty Army Engineer Officer stationed at Fort Bragg, also still at the office, What was the easiest/most difficult part of your transition?
Chris Lund
Chris Lund. 1st Group guy out at JBLM, WA. Admissions or interaction on campus focused, what vet selling points were a surprise to you? Or to rephrase what impressed people about you, but you thought was just a normal thing?
Chris Lund
Of the vets are there any more popular career tracks compared to the civ students?
Paul Rothfeld
From an admissions standpoint, how much would you/did you emphasize your Military experience vice other experiences. i.e. can it hurt to play the vet card too much?
Chris Lund
How's life for spouses?
Thank you for joining us. If you have any further questions, please email us with the emails in the above chat message. We look forward to reviewing your applications.
Paul Rothfeld
thanks guys, appreciate your time
Chris Lund